Riverside ChurchRev. Maybeck is available to tell scripture, preach and lead worship in your church. Rev. Maybeck crafts sermons which will inspire you, comfort you and challenge you.

She will make you think and touch your heart. Her preaching is Biblically based in a way that helps you picture Biblical times and apply Jesus’ teachings to your life today. She brings high energy, deep love, and an open heart to the pulpit. She has graced pulpits in churches which are Unitarian-Universalist, Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Armenian Orthodox, Methodist, Congregational and Baptist.

Rev. Cindy Maybeck is the finest preacher we have in the Northeast Region.— Rev. Dr. Charles Lamb, Regional Minister (retired), Northeast Region, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


Rev. Maybeck meets with family members to listen to their stories of a loved one after his or her death. She takes those stories wraps them in a ribbon of the Holy Spirit and hands them back with love in the context of worship.

That is the finest funeral I have ever been to, and I’ll tell you why. First, she has a lot of heart; she really believes what she says. Second, she has the intellect; I could listen to her all day. Third, she has the pipes – what a voice!

Comments frequently heard by people leaving Rev. Maybeck’s funerals:

  • “It sounded just like you knew him.”
  • “She would have loved what you said about her.”
  • “This may sound strange – but that’s the best funeral I have ever been to. I feel hopeful, comforted and peaceful.”


Rev. Maybeck meets with a couple before marrying them to tailor a wedding service fit just for them. Each wedding is individual and unique, no two are alike.

She conducts Christian weddings. She also provides interfaith wedding services and “spiritual-but-not-religious” weddings. Her love and joy for those in attendance at the wedding glows with warmth.

That is the most joyful wedding I have ever attended. And you made it so personal!