Presentations of Scripture and Stories

  • Acting Like Church – Rev. Maybeck weaves together stories from the book of Acts with real, live stories of hope in the church.
  • From Death to Everlasting Life – Rev. Maybeck tells comforting Bible scriptures interspersed with stories of families and bereavement ending in healing, hope and faith
  • My Soul Magnifies the Lord – Rev. Maybeck blends together Christmas stories, lessons and carols.
  • Let Us Pray – Rev. Maybeck presents scripture, song and stories about finding the depth and truth of God’s love in the spirit of prayer
  • Forgiven and Forgiving – Rev. Maybeck offers a testimony of hope and transformation when conflict is healed with mercy and forgiveness – true stories of reconciliation in the church

I believe in this ministry. Jesus told stories and so should we.— –Rev. Michael Harvey, Executive Director, Conference of Baptist Ministers of Massachusetts


Rev. Maybeck will teach you how to tell scripture by heart

  • I Love to Tell the Story
  • Biblical Storytelling 101
  • Biblical Storytelling to Children
  • Biblical Storytelling as a Spiritual Practice


Rev. Maybeck offers day-long or overnight retreats using Biblical storytelling as a means to draw closer to God.